PC Crew provides clients with reliable, scalable, and affordable IT solutions. We work closely with our clients to maintain existing systems and develop an expanding business IT environment . We specialize in the creation and management of IT deployment strategies. Our range of services provide total business IT solutions from individual users to large businesses. PC Crew does not only provide PC hardware support ; we analyze daily operations and implement solutions to maximize productivity and security part of our on-going service and support , we offer several preventative maintenance programs. This will guarantee that the highest performance and optimization are achieved. We specialize in bringing new systems on-line while maintaining your existing system. Thus reducing or eliminating downtime whether a single system or a full network migration is implemented. We also offer after-hours support , where possible via remote modem access to implement changes. This allows you to maintain staff productivity through business hours.

PC Crew’s philosophy is to provide our clients with a level of excellence for their IT needs, normally only available on the corporate level. Using a proven methodology, PC Crew delivers solutions from simple hardware, software, and internet repairs to complex infrastructure and IT service management. As well as customer service solutions, that are tailored to each clients’ specific business process.. Each PC Crew client is given the same level of importance where every need is met in a timely manner.

Our preventative maintenance programs and redundant deployment strategies provide you with the knowledge that your systems will always be available for you. PC Crew can help you control your IT costs by being your on-site professional. We are always available when you need us. PC Crew can partner with your existing IT and offer and extended support structure. We can assist in rollouts or migrations or provide additional support. Our core of professionals can manage your servers and networks.

We can help. Give us a call.